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I am pleased to announce we have a Emily Woo Zeller aka Panam Palmer interview in the works. If you would like to submit a question to her about her role please reply to this thread here.


Only questions as it pertains to her background, general history in the industry, role of Panam, acting, and the character of Panam will be considered. NO question about the development of the game or non-acting/character questions will be considered.

If she chooses to do a podcast style interview via Discord we will open it up the session for the public to listen. To join our Discord hit the "Chat" button on the main menu. Also Follow us for the latest updates on the Twitter! 
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1. Do you Connect with Panam? Like do you feel that You And Her have some sort of Emotional Connection?

2. What was your first thoughts about playing the Character Panam?
1. How did you get in contact with Cyberpunk 2077? Had you heard about it before joining the cast?

2. Did you meet anyone else from the cast? If so, how were they to work with?

Best regards 😊
1. What was it that drew you to the part of Panam?

2. Was there anything special you did to get into character before a recording session?

3. Were you allowed any improvisations when it came to building up her character/delivery? Do you feel like there is a bit of yourself in this character?

4. Could you describe the creative differences, if any, between voicing a character and narration for an audiobook, and do you have a preference?
1.What feeling's did you have when asked to work with CDPR on there new project cp 2077?

2.A lot of Cyberpunk fan's are drawn to your character Panam Palmer, and doe's this please you as an voice actor?
1) What are the biggest differences between voice acting for a video game and narrating books?

2) You are bicultural and known for narrating Asian-American books. Panam's character seems ethnically ambiguous on purpose. Is there a connection?

Also, great job!
1: With Cyberpunk 2077, there's a lot of emotion put into this game. How do you disconnect after recording a session that has a lot of emotion?

2: I understand that you are a very very busy individual. Have you got a chance to play the game for yourself yet, and if what's your favorite part?

3: Not a question, but just wanted to say I love it when you scream at Saul when we come back with the Basilisk.
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