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CDPR Using DMCA Take Downs To Stymie Leaks

  • 20 February 2021
  • Author: Harlequin
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CDPR Using DMCA Take Downs To Stymie Leaks
According to a report by PC Gamer, CDPR issued at least 2 take down via DMCA actions against Twitter users sharing some of the stolen source code. Not surprising to be honest, there was little chance that before a agreement was made some of the code was leaked to prove the hackers group, HelloKitty, point. As someone who works in IT I told our Discord community just this once the news broke. You can't put the worms back in the can. All they can do now is play whack-a-mole and hope they can limit the spread.

Here is a snip of the article;

Earlier this month, hackers infiltrated CD Projekt Red's networks, installed a bunch of ransomware, and made off with the source codes for its games, which it threatened to release to the public unless the studio made a hefty payment to get it back. CD Projekt Red respectfully declined the offer, and instead went public about the breach. True to their word, the hackers posted the source for Gwent, and then reportedly (and apparently successfully) attempted to auction all the stolen code through a Russian hacking forum.

With the source code now in the wild, CD Projekt Red is reportedly issuing DMCA takedowns in order to keep it from spreading. A Vice report says the studio notified at least two Twitter users last week of the takedown requests by way of copyright monitoring firm App Global Ltd, warning that the Gwent source they were linking to was "illegally obtained" and "posted without authorization."

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