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Hotfix 1.12 Drops Fixes Modding Exploit

Hotfix 1.12 dropped not long ago. A tidy 1.5meg in size for the Steam version. It addresses the mod exploit we reported a few days ago, so feel free to go modding once again. Here is the patch notes;
  • Fixed a buffer overrun issue.
  • Removed/replaced non-ASLR DLLs.
CP Modding News

UPDATED: CDPR Warns Against Using CP Mods Due to Potential Security Flaw

In a article on PC Gamer, it is reported CDPR is giving caution to gamers about using mods/external save games in CP2077. The gist of the issue is a save game or mod can be modified and used to execute external code which then can compromise the PC or PS4. So be wary of using (if at all) mods or save files from sources you may not fully trust is the moral of the story here. Here is a snip of...
CP Modding News

Cyberpunk Mod Tools Just Dropped!

And here I thought it was going to be another of let's pile on CP2077 with hit articles.. but oh no folks! The CP2077 mod tools have dropped by CDPR! Oh happy days!  You can check them...