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New CP2077 Videos

First we got Old Stupid Channel with a video "Is Cyberpunk Finally Ready to Play?". It's a pretty mixed reaction that boils down to 2 camps, the hype didn't equal what was released so that sours their take on the entire game (I get it if a bit unfair) and they didn't feel (erroneously IMO) that the game has no message. They may bring some more valid points at the end but...

Cherami Leigh Interview Posted

We had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented Cherami Leigh on our first Cybercast. We discuss her background, work in anime and of course her work and inspiration as Valerie in Cyberpunk, you can view the media in our Media Gallery here. Enjoy and post your feedback below!
CP Modding News

Clarification to Silverhand Mod

Just want to make a quick note so we are all on the same page, the previous article reporting this (which has been edited to clarify), while I stand by my overall concerns of the story the mod was...