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Sphere Hunter: Cyberpunk 2077 Making The Most Of Disaster

The Sphere Hunter put about a 75min video detailing what she perceived as the highs and lows of the game. Now she is generally fair but on several points I feel she is over critical or has a double standard. For example, when she more or less admits she created these preconceived notions in her head of what was going to be in the game and when that didn't transpire she took out her...
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Juicehead Lists Some of the Best Mods to Date

Juicehead has a great video of his picks for some of the best mods so far released. Some of them include a car modding ability, change the default weather to less sunny most of the time to have NPC's follow you without bugging missions. Some really good suggestions, take a listen;  
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Juicehead Breaks Down Patch 1.1

Juicehead, one of the more rational and not hop on the hate bandwagon for cheap clicks YouTube talking heads has a wonderful breakdown of what Patch 1.1 does. Please note if after the patch on PC...