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Op Ed: A Love Letter to Cyberpunk 2077

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Martin Annander of posted this thoughts, experiences and feeling towards the role play aspect of CP2077. And it is mostly a positive, reaffirming adventure for him. Here is a snip of his overall conclusion;

What I found in this game was something I haven’t experienced in video games maybe ever before. Narrative subtlety. Under the neon surface hides the most immersive experience I’ve had in a video game in a very long time simply because it doesn’t get stuck on theme or try to tell an epic. After three decades as a gamer and half that as a game developer, I’m once again the Avatar, just not in Britannia.

It’s made me fall in love with this rough diamond of a game, and climb to the top of the battlements to yell “all you need is a seventh grade education!” Just like Inception fans did in 2010. Not to say I actually believe you're stupid not to see the game’s brilliance, but because I want you to have the same experience I had. Being V. Getting lost in Night City.

The many obvious flaws and glitches never really bothered me. Maybe they should have. The narrative subtlety, the interactive conversations, the deeply crafted characters, and the many tiny decisions you can make that affect the outcome of things happening several hours later—this is stuff games never do, that Cyberpunk 2077 does incredibly well. It was all I really paid attention to.

The Gamer: Carla Tassara Interview

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The Gamer had a very good interview with Carla Tassara the voice actor of Judy, with a good amount of focus on Just as a gay character. Here is a snip;

“I am proud to have portrayed a gay woman in what I think, should the player choose so, is a complex romantic relationship, and in the friendships in which she makes no apologies for being exactly who she is,” Tassara says, beaming with pride about her performance. “I’ve received messages from gamers, Queer women, who saw themselves in her and felt seen and inspired. Representation in storytelling is vital and I credit the writers for Judy’s impact. I’m thankful for it.”

Tassara also touched upon Judy’s status as a Latina character, and how it felt to see her own culture played out in the game: “I am Latina. I resonate with the broader Latin culture more than I do any other. It’s home to me. Roles representing Latinos are ever increasing, and with that I hope will come more and more nuanced and individualized characters such as Judy,” Tassara explains, highlighting the importance of growing diversity amongst actors and their performances. "I acknowledge the enthusiastic response to her and I am honored and thrilled. Thrilled because I had such a deep connection with Judy myself and I tried to be as personal and real as I could with such a beautifully written character."

OP ED: Deep Dive Into the Leaked DLC Names

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So I am going to go out on a limb and make some predictions as to what the DLC and paid expansions will be content wise. Some of it is granted obvious, but some are obscure in their naming. We'll see how in tune I am with CDPR, so here goes;

Ripperdoc Expansion: Two things, first the obvious, more cyberware perhaps even bioware. That's a given. However this is also going to be free DLC that fixes all the currently broken cyberware and unbalanced cyberware systems in the game. A lot of people were taken aback the lack of cyberware fixes in the 1.2 patch. This is the reason, they gave it to their own sub-team dedicated to fixing and adding to it in the form of this DLC.

Body Shops Expansion: Who said there will be free DLC adding car modifications in the game months ago? oh that's right, this guy. Change the paint job and MAYBE if we are really lucks some of the car mods that got cut like better breaks and handling mods. I am HOPING with this they bring black Claire for a cameo as have the mods done in her garage would be very cool.