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OP ED: Deep Dive Into the Leaked DLC Names
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OP ED: Deep Dive Into the Leaked DLC Names

So I am going to go out on a limb and make some predictions as to what the DLC and paid expansions will be content wise. Some of it is granted obvious, but some are obscure in their naming. We'll see how in tune I am with CDPR, so here goes;

Ripperdoc Expansion: Two things, first the obvious, more cyberware perhaps even bioware. That's a given. However this is also going to be free DLC that fixes all the currently broken cyberware and unbalanced cyberware systems in the game. A lot of people were taken aback the lack of cyberware fixes in the 1.2 patch. This is the reason, they gave it to their own sub-team dedicated to fixing and adding to it in the form of this DLC.

Body Shops Expansion: Who said there will be free DLC adding car modifications in the game months ago? oh that's right, this guy. Change the paint job and MAYBE if we are really lucks some of the car mods that got cut like better breaks and handling mods. I am HOPING with this they bring black Claire for a cameo as have the mods done in her garage would be very cool.

Fashion Forward Expansion: Not only adding perhaps cut/new fashion content, but also adding fashion that currently is only available to NPCs. Also adding the ability to dye clothing or/and transmog ability so you don't look like a complete clown wearing 3 different styles/color of clothing for the best armor.

Gangs of Night City: You wanted the gang to "do more" in the game. Well here you go. With this I think they will engage with each other even more so (coming upon gangs fighting each other far more then you do see it now) and also perhaps have some side missions that make it so you can align with one of them to a degree. They will simply be made more prominent in the game world with perhaps their own unique merchants.

Body of Chrome: Extreme cyber replacements like chrome skin aka Lizzy Wizzy type body mod. I would assume something like this will up your natural armor so even if you run around naked you got some basic protection. Also perhaps some bleeding edge tech like laser eyes or Wolverine like claws.

Riders of the Dark Future: More types of cars and variations of said cars. And with the Body Shop DLC can mod them too like the base cars. Also going to be risky, with this update locals will be driving cycles around the city.

The Relic: This is a hard one, very vague. My initial idea was this is a optional hardcore setting where you have a literal in-game time limit before you die. You need to get to one of the endings before that timer runs out. Like 15 days or something along those lines. Think the water chip time limit of Fallout 1. But honestly, this is a shot in the dark could be anything relating to the chip in your head or the story around it.

Neck Deep: A paid expansion of raiding the Crystal Palace orbital casino after the Sun ending and to finish up that ending/story rather then the cliff hanger it left you on.

Night City expansion/Unnamed expansion: Going to call it now and die on this hill. As if they don't do this CDPR is amazingly oblivious to the community needs/wants. This is more Panam/Judy content as more options/activities post romance also more area in or/and around Night City opens up with more content such as added side quests, activities and major NPC interactions.

Well that's my take, what is yours? Post in the comments and tell me how wrong I am wink
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