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Op Ed: A Love Letter to Cyberpunk 2077

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Martin Annander of posted this thoughts, experiences and feeling towards the role play aspect of CP2077. And it is mostly a positive, reaffirming adventure for him. Here is a snip of his overall conclusion;

What I found in this game was something I haven’t experienced in video games maybe ever before. Narrative subtlety. Under the neon surface hides the most immersive experience I’ve had in a video game in a very long time simply because it doesn’t get stuck on theme or try to tell an epic. After three decades as a gamer and half that as a game developer, I’m once again the Avatar, just not in Britannia.

It’s made me fall in love with this rough diamond of a game, and climb to the top of the battlements to yell “all you need is a seventh grade education!” Just like Inception fans did in 2010. Not to say I actually believe you're stupid not to see the game’s brilliance, but because I want you to have the same experience I had. Being V. Getting lost in Night City.

The many obvious flaws and glitches never really bothered me. Maybe they should have. The narrative subtlety, the interactive conversations, the deeply crafted characters, and the many tiny decisions you can make that affect the outcome of things happening several hours later—this is stuff games never do, that Cyberpunk 2077 does incredibly well. It was all I really paid attention to.

OP ED: Deep Dive Into the Leaked DLC Names

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So I am going to go out on a limb and make some predictions as to what the DLC and paid expansions will be content wise. Some of it is granted obvious, but some are obscure in their naming. We'll see how in tune I am with CDPR, so here goes;

Ripperdoc Expansion: Two things, first the obvious, more cyberware perhaps even bioware. That's a given. However this is also going to be free DLC that fixes all the currently broken cyberware and unbalanced cyberware systems in the game. A lot of people were taken aback the lack of cyberware fixes in the 1.2 patch. This is the reason, they gave it to their own sub-team dedicated to fixing and adding to it in the form of this DLC.

Body Shops Expansion: Who said there will be free DLC adding car modifications in the game months ago? oh that's right, this guy. Change the paint job and MAYBE if we are really lucks some of the car mods that got cut like better breaks and handling mods. I am HOPING with this they bring black Claire for a cameo as have the mods done in her garage would be very cool.

Cyberpunk 2077 & Tarot Cards - Remarkably Accurate

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I have been reading tarot cards professionally for about 20 years. At this point, have read over 1,000 clients and I have been interview by the History Channel and several radio/internet shows over the years because of that. I say this not to pat myself on the back but give you some context that I (probably) know what I am talking about on this level. ;)

All that said, I have not seen anyone really talk about the amazing depth and mostly accurate portrayal of Tarot in the game. So I felt a in-depth analysis was in order. As overlooking this was a grave injustice to the developers who clearly put a LOT of thought and effect in the correct associations and its accuracy.

Now first, a little background on Tarot as speaking of context, without it some of the details I will talk about may be confusing to you.

A few quick historical points on Tarot;
  • Origins of the word “Tarot” under historical debate, either Italian or Arabic based
  • First mention of Tarot as a card game in the 14th century, Believed entered Europe via Egypt
  • First documents mentioning tarot is a ban in Switzerland in 1367
  • Started out as art/education and card games most notable in and around Italy.
  • First recorded use of tarot as divination in a book was 1540
  • Carl Jung first Psychologist to attach importance of symbolism as it represented human archetypes
  • Psychologist Timothy Leary also suggests Major Arcana represents via archetypes human development/journey from birth (Fool) to death (Death) to ones final spiritual journey (The World).
  • Modern Tarot has a direct associations & links to astrology, Kabballah, ceremonial magick concepts, elemental concepts and numerology (we will mainly be focusing on the astrology links for simplicity).
  • Some cards simply do not have a outright positive meaning, just as some, symbolically, do not have a outright negative meaning.
  • Lastly, the cards in the game are the Major Arcana of 22 cards, a full tarot deck is 78 cards which also include a Minor Arcana, 4 suits, Ace to 10 and court cards. Yes, very similar to today's deck of poker cards, they are cousins. Since the Minors are not in the game we won't talk about them further.
Now this article would be massive if I posted about all 22 cards, so I am going to pick a handful that I feel are some of the most interesting. If you want to dig deeper in others feel free to ask in the comments or our Discord.

Op Ed: Cyberpunk - From Valid Criticism to CDPR Witch Hunt

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Let us all start off with saying something we can all agree on. Cyberpunk has many flaws. The ones that come right to mind, the place holder feeling police and locals NPC AI, the not quite done cooking game mechanics such as some of the cyberware functionality/implementation, the lack of car modifications, or the very thin interaction or activities with your romance partner post romance story line. All valid issues or concerns which I also share.

And then you have the covered 1,000 times already general bugs and last gen console stability issues. Which I am sure I don't need to get into detail at this point with everyone else under the sun covering it, thus partly the inspiration for this Op Ed.

We can all agree these are issues and CDPR needs to address either in the upcoming major patches in Jan and Feb but also DLC or expansions down the road.

So I am totally on board with all that type of valid criticism, that I listed as have others in other posts. It is fair and reasonable.

The issue is the positives, in article and YouTube post after post I hardly see the mention of the strong narrative story, excellently written characters or engaging music. It is, mostly, about the console issues/bugs, stock prices and lawsuits and disgruntled ex-employees.

What I take issue with is what has morphed from valid criticism into only what I can describe as a witch hunt. And from someone who lived and worked in Salem, Mass I can tell you I don't toss that phrase around lightly. But sometimes you got to call something what it is no matter how ugly it has become.

PC Gamer: Yes, Cyberpunk 2077 has something to say

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PC Gamer shoots back at those that say Cyberpunk 2077 has little message to give it's players, no lessons it tries to teach. And I totally agree with their assessment. The messages it gives are, mostly, not on the nose but subtle visual adverts and audio clues. It does have a lot to say if you look at it via the correct lens of V's own selfishness. Here is a snip;

Having your main character's personality erased by an algorithm designed by the biggest corporation in Night City is not exactly a subtle metaphor for our own battles to stand out amidst the howling void of our own technological present. But this is just the central pillar of the game's exploration of seeking an identity in the face of a city that actively wants to dehumanise its inhabitants. Almost everyone you meet in Night City is looking for a hook to hang their hat on. Panam searches for a new calling after being displaced from her Nomad family. Judy Alvarez has drifted through life looking for purpose ever since her childhood hometown was destroyed to make way for a reservoir. Even Takemura, Sabu Arasaka's loyal and steadfast bodyguard, finds himself at sea after the Emperor is murdered and the crime pinned on his most faithful servant.