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Review: A Indescribable Transportive Experience

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ArTorr on the Tube of Yous has a pretty in-depth overview of the cyberpunk gene and how CP2077 came to be and his experience with it. I can reassure you, yes he find fault where there are faults HOWEVER he is fair and praises the areas that deserve such like the design, story, characters and music. The first 30+mins is almost all praise for what the game did right in fact. So I would be remiss to be critical of this take, it has little to no hyperbole and it is about as fair as one can expect. Watch and let me know what you think below;


Review: I Need to Take Half Your Day In My Self Importance Review

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First off no, unlike most all other media I post I did not have OVER FIVE HOURS to watch the full video. I skipped around about half a dozen places to hear a few mins at a time. Either I was very unlucky or the vast majority of the video is this person saying nothing new or insightful that has not been said 100x by other critics. Other critics that were FAR more succinct and didn't like to hear themselves talk as much as this man. Just a piling on of all the wrongs, and very little about the rights of this game. Bias at its finest. In fairness I may have missed something of note, however, again unlike this man I do not have that much free time on my hands. Enjoy... I guess?


Review: A Flop That Did Most Everything Wrong

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Noah Caldwell-Gervais from YouTube posted a review of CP2077.

I'll save everyone 90mins of their life if you'd like in a TL:DR version: I disliked most everything and will compare it endlessly to RDR, GTA & certain cyberpunk movies on how they all did things better.

He gives high marks to a few things like the character of Jackie and some of the overall messaging, but as a whole found the game lacking, bland and unoriginal. If you want to wade though it, here it is, enjoy.