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Review: Cyberpunk 2077 A Breath-taking Nine Out Of Ten

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The Twitter user @MeganS_BCU posted a nice summary review of her experiences with CP2077. While she played it on the PS4 and had the expected crashes overall she enjoyed her 100 hours in Night City and several points in the story she says it hit her in the feels which made up for a lot of her technical frustrations. Here is a snip;

A lot of the missions are quite repetitive such as stealing something from a gang or wiping out the Cyberpsychos which are people who have gone insane due to the implants they have. However, nestled between these are some in-depth side quests that left me thinking about what had happened and the message they were trying to spread.

Of course, Cyberpunk is quite a satirical humorous game but beneath parts of it, there is a stronger message which is something you can certainly expect from a game where big military corporations control everyday life and cybernetics are fashion accessories.

Finally, without spoiling the story of the game I must admit I got very emotional throughout the main storyline, the story of this game is incredibly detailed and by the end, I was so invested in it that I didn’t want it to ever end. I also found myself getting very emotional so expect Cyberpunk to pull at your heartstrings.

Review: Not A Masterpiece But I Enjoyed Playing It

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Tubes of You member N7Kate posted her lengthy but meaty review of CP2077. She covered it from my perspective very fairly. She spent as much time with the cons as she did with the pros. I know shocking! It's almost as if she was being fair and pragmatic with her review. You know those things so many are not being about this game... None the less it's well written and a fair listen giving the PS5 version a 7/10, plus her accent is peachy to listen to laugh Enjoy!


Review: A Rough Gemstone But One Of The Best Games I've Played

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On the Tubes of You user Simulated Created posted his review of CP2077 in a very fair and thoughtful overview. As a whole I agreed with a lot of what he said, however I had one big point of contention with it. He seems to imply if he is into one of the romanceable NPCs they should conform their sexuality to him. I disagree. Like in real life people are who they are, just because you are into someone does not mean they are into you, or they wake up magically one day and change their sexual preference because of you. The characters like RL people like who and what they like and a 3rd party is not going to change that 99% of the time.

But that point aside it is a really well done review, he makes some other good points such as about Kerry being really a bad gay romance choice and as a result screwing (no pun intended) gay Vincent story wise, lack of Joytoy and NPC sexuality diversity options and car handling to name a few. Overall however he felt far more pros then cons and enjoyed his time.

Post your thoughts below.

Cyberpunk 2077 & Tarot Cards - Remarkably Accurate

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I have been reading tarot cards professionally for about 20 years. At this point, have read over 1,000 clients and I have been interview by the History Channel and several radio/internet shows over the years because of that. I say this not to pat myself on the back but give you some context that I (probably) know what I am talking about on this level. ;)

All that said, I have not seen anyone really talk about the amazing depth and mostly accurate portrayal of Tarot in the game. So I felt a in-depth analysis was in order. As overlooking this was a grave injustice to the developers who clearly put a LOT of thought and effect in the correct associations and its accuracy.

Now first, a little background on Tarot as speaking of context, without it some of the details I will talk about may be confusing to you.

A few quick historical points on Tarot;
  • Origins of the word “Tarot” under historical debate, either Italian or Arabic based
  • First mention of Tarot as a card game in the 14th century, Believed entered Europe via Egypt
  • First documents mentioning tarot is a ban in Switzerland in 1367
  • Started out as art/education and card games most notable in and around Italy.
  • First recorded use of tarot as divination in a book was 1540
  • Carl Jung first Psychologist to attach importance of symbolism as it represented human archetypes
  • Psychologist Timothy Leary also suggests Major Arcana represents via archetypes human development/journey from birth (Fool) to death (Death) to ones final spiritual journey (The World).
  • Modern Tarot has a direct associations & links to astrology, Kabballah, ceremonial magick concepts, elemental concepts and numerology (we will mainly be focusing on the astrology links for simplicity).
  • Some cards simply do not have a outright positive meaning, just as some, symbolically, do not have a outright negative meaning.
  • Lastly, the cards in the game are the Major Arcana of 22 cards, a full tarot deck is 78 cards which also include a Minor Arcana, 4 suits, Ace to 10 and court cards. Yes, very similar to today's deck of poker cards, they are cousins. Since the Minors are not in the game we won't talk about them further.
Now this article would be massive if I posted about all 22 cards, so I am going to pick a handful that I feel are some of the most interesting. If you want to dig deeper in others feel free to ask in the comments or our Discord.