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Emily Woo Zeller Reddit AMA

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Our friend Emily Woo Zeller had a wonderful Ask Me Anything session. Here is a sample of the discussion, her answers;

Thanks for doing this, you two! My question is for Emily.
Were you shown any Panam art/models prior to recording your dialogue? And if so, was there any influence on how you approached the character; such as delivering a certain cadence to lines?

As an Asian-American talent, what sort of stories, themes, or messages would you like to see popularized or at least given more attention to through the world of voice recording/narration?


1 - I was shown some preliminary art, yes, but not what she ultimately looked like. That had almost nothing to do with how I approached her character. The only thing that really informed me from the image was that she was clearly dressed to always be ready to go or work on machinery.

2 - Excellent question. Often with stories featuring minority characters, it's about the fact that they're a minority. What I would like to see more is full, complicated characters that are also female or Asian or Black or LatinX or American Indian or or or, etc. That yes, the trials and tribulations are real that relate to our experiences as minorities (or just people with less power, ie.women...technically a majority, but...), but that those identities are not the entirety of us as human beings. That was a long answer. The short answer is we just need more representation, period. EWZ

Review: Cyberpunk Half Amazing And Half Not

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A very entertaining, and overall fair review of CP2077 by Maj0r Lee. Granted he is playing on the console so his experience is more harsh then us PC players but as a whole he addresses both the pros and cons reasonably. But in the end he has faith CDPR will correct most it's missteps and feels the best days for the game are to come. Comment below;


Emily Woo Zeller Interview Posted

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We have our interview with the talented Emily Woo Zeller in our Media section, if you were not able to listen live feel free to go check it out as she talked about a wide range of topics from her background, work in audio-books and of course her work as Panam Palmer in CP2077. Enjoy!

Cherami Leigh Interview Posted

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We had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented Cherami Leigh on our first Cybercast. We discuss her background, work in anime and of course her work and inspiration as Valerie in Cyberpunk, you can view the media in our Media Gallery here. Enjoy and post your feedback below!