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I see almost endless posts and even articles of people accusing CDPR of "promising" this or that, of things that never ended up in the game.

Look I get it. You are DISAPPOINTED or even feel a partial bait and switch. But saying it was "promised" is disingenuous at best. If you can find a source of a dev literally promising a feature or something along the lines of "..and this will be in the game no matter what" then you have a argument to be made. Otherwise you are putting words in their mouth and making assumptions and using said assumptions as 'fact'.

Yes there are some things in the 2 yr old trailer they didn't make the cut. Or comments made in articles almost as old that didn't materialize. And stating how that is disappointing to you is of course fine. But saying you were "promised" any of that is, frankly, silly. You WERE NOT.

I find it peculiar that games go though this cycle most EVERY major release yes they don't retain the lessons learned and act as if this is somehow new or completely unprecedented with the memory of a gold fish.

If you have been a gamer for any length of time you have been though this a dozen+ of times. Early trailer drops, comments are made a year+ before release, game drops, some of the things shown or said are changed, removed. It happens. THAT is game dev 101. Do you have to like it? No. But if you want to be part of this hobby you need to come to terms with it rather then go off the handle every time it happens acting like it is some great sin no one has ever done before or as if you never seen this before. It is NOT going to change that is the reality of it and the predictable replies of 'well if I make noise they will change'. Suuuure. Go talk to the fans of Daikatana or Star Fleet Command (game was released without its heralded, core feature MP aspect.. and wasn't announced until the day of release) back in the day and let me know how much their angst and angry postings changed the industry. I'll wait.

It seems to me some people are confusing their own disappointment with some fictional "promise" so they have a way to vent their anger. Again, I get it. The game is good but could have been better. I actually agree with most of the issues people raise. But when I saw those trailers and interviews I NEVER treated ANY of it as written in stone. I treated is the on the white board goals and the end result can change. If you took it as a "promise" I would suggest that was a error on your part. CDPR made the error of under-staffing the project vs the goals they laid out and ideas they said they wanted to be in the game. However people screaming about "promise" this and "promise" that made the fatal error of not taking vertical slices, or comments of games a year+ out as a wish list, not a "promise" and putting far more weight in them then they should have. That is on you, not them.

So no, nothing was promised to you, at all. But you are more then entitled however to be critical of what was delivered vs what was suggested the game will be.
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