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As you may have seen on the front page news , there was an article that implied a hex editor peeked into the CP2077 SP main .exe and found some apparent calls to multi player functions. Which I found pretty perplexing as I noted in the article.

If we take this for face vlaue does that mean the SP and MP versions are far less distantly related then we are under the impression? It's hard for me to grsp they would be sharing the codebase, the 2 teams. However perhaps they were just making a tech demo with the SP code just to give a internal demo, ideas for the MP version? Left over calls, flags they just didn't bother to remove.

Or maybe the ARE using the SP code as a base which means the MP functionality is far less robust then we may think. For example, and my preference, more a Conan Exiles style MP game where people can setup their own LAN or web servers and othet players connect to it. Not official or centeral servers like GTA Online.

Of course this is all speculation as the info we have is limited and perhaps even of out context if it's accurate at all. What are your thoughts?
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