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Alanah Pearce: No One Lied To You In The CP2077 Previews

  • 13 March 2021
  • Author: Harlequin
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Alanah Pearce: No One Lied To You In The CP2077 Previews
Alanah hit some of the very points we have been making, in the sea of noise of the CP2077 release. They are actually QUITE important points.

Some of the ones that has me nodding as she spoke;

1. This is how previews work in most ALL games. The devs polish up a slice of the game and that is what is given to those who preview it. IT IS NOT the final version and things may change (for better or worse). Claiming the preview slice or demo shown at E3 was "fake" or the like simply is not true and shows the ignorance of the person speaking. It is no more "fake" then most any other preview given to the media 12+ months out from release.

2. Yes, the media DOES need to do a better job at explaining the first point. They did not, and now we see what has happened, uneducated talking heads on YouTube making all these allegations about being "lied" to or how it was "fake".

It's a great video where she interviews a dev from a unrelated studio talking about the point and use of a "vertical slice", very informative. Let us know what you think below.
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