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BREAKING: Patch 1.2 Info Drops!

  • 19 March 2021
  • Author: Harlequin
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BREAKING: Patch 1.2 Info Drops!
CDPR just released information about the much anticipated 1.2 patch release for Cyberpunk. The "patch notes" are in a NC News style role play format. Which while I appreciate and respect as a long time RPer it's a little hard to REALLY grasp the changes. However what seems obvious by the accompanying videos (below) is as I predicted the locals AI and police have been revamped as the video shows and according to the RP style change log the following;
  • Locals spawning/dropping right in front of you seems to be addressed
  • Cars getting suck on garbage you can 'unstuck' yourself now by rocking the car (Like GTA it seems)
  • Menu to "adjusting the sensitivity limits" to cars has been added
  • Fixed inconsistent steering when FPS dropped
  • Plowing though people in a cross work won't trigger the police (I may be misunderstanding this, again I am trying to translate the RP format of these notes)
These handful of fixes are nice and indeed needed however I was hoping for something more. Seems locals AI and driving was the focus? However holding out judgement until a legit patch notes list is dropped. We will be following this closely and post a follow up article soon as to our and the community feedback. Let us know your impressions below!

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