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CD PROJEKT Group: Strategy Update Breakdown

  • 30 March 2021
  • Author: Harlequin
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CD PROJEKT Group: Strategy Update Breakdown
Here is the full CD PROJEKT Strategy Update video we reported on earlier. I watched this for you folks to give the Cliff Notes version below. Please note a LOT was said but I am only going to really address the points that pertain to Cyberpunk mostly.
  • They are going to unify the RED engine so the same engine can be used on whatever game they are working on, no more separate versions for each project. This will speed up development as everyone will be on the same page and have a unified set of tools and processes. They are aiming to have this done by 2022.
  • They are going to add multiplayer only "where it makes sense." Not every game will have MP functions but they are going to make MP more of a focus in general.
  • They explicitly talked about not letting the PR/hype train go off the rails way early and won't go full PR mode until close to release. Also all future demos will be working game demos not vertical slices anymore.
  • Free DLC will drop this year, paid expansions for CP in the pipeline but no ETA given.
  • Aside from what we reported earlier nothing really more was said about Cyberpunk multiplayer. It DOES sound however that if we get a MP aspect it won't be a stand alone version anymore like was previously stated but built into the new unified engine they talked about above. We will have to see if they clarify this more.

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