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CDPR: The "Leaked" DLC Names Are NOT Actual CP2077 DLC Content

  • 31 March 2021
  • Author: Harlequin
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CDPR: The "Leaked" DLC Names Are NOT Actual CP2077 DLC Content
CDPR responded to inquires and it seems the 'leaks' posted by pricklyassassin are not legit DLC names for CP2077. What they are/were remains unknown however as CDPR did not clarify beyond denying it being CP2077 DLC.

Also our Discord member Delaide pointed out another quote from the strategy meeting yesterday that seems to have flown under the radar which still does not give a firm answer about the plight of the multiplayer version but interesting as it relates;

We are changing our approach towards multiplayer, and – as we said – we want to add online elements. I'm not talking about DLCs or mods; we're not ready to discuss details, but we want to roll out major changes step by step, and we will, of course, develop AAAs in parallel. So – we'll have parallel AAA development teams, and online as a different organizational unit, so to speak. Multiplayer/online components will one day enhance our future single-player games.

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