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SPOILER: More Patch 1.2 Panam Romance Additions

  • 10 April 2021
  • Author: Harlequin
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SPOILER: More Patch 1.2 Panam Romance Additions
The Reddit hounds are at it again and found even more data files added in patch 1.2 that tack on more potential Panam romance texts. Here is the rundown, as the title suggests, POSSIBLE SPOILERS ahead;

Hello nomads. Hope you're all well. Let's get right to it.

Panam misses V. Asks him for advice.

V tells Panam how important she is to him

Here it seems like V is sending Panam a text ('dear_pan_text'). If the above exchange seems like it ends abruptly to you that's because it does. There's nothing more to it. Judging by the last line it seems like you'd receive it after Queen Of The Highway. To my eyes this exchange seems unfinished.

What & where is Q114?

When looking at the above dialogue (and the previously released romance dialogue) you'll note the tag Q114. It's present in every piece of new data mined romance content for Panam.


Huge thanks to /u/MrBill61 it seems like Q114 is the endgame questline during The Star. That said it's a weird questline to receive texts like these.

We Gotta Live Together -> Forward to Death - > Belly of the Beast

A common complaint of Panam's questline is that she falls off the face of the Earth after Queen Of The Highway (QOTH). This is unlike Judy where she will still send text messages to V after Pyramid Song.

Perhaps these texts are meant to be released during the period between QOTH & We Gotta Live Together (the "Call Panam" questline after NOCTURNE OP55N1)?

Other relevant quest numbers (Q105/Q112)

If you saw the other post on Panam talking about Judy and Corpo culture you'll note these texts have the tag Q105 and Q112 respectively.

Again thanks to /u/MrBill61 these quests are:

  • Q105: Associated with Evelyn Parker questline.
  • Q112: Takemura parade quest.

Closing stuff

  • Like in the previous post, these lines are new and exclusive to Patch 1.2. We've cross checked the files with older versions of the game and the lines do not exist. They only exist in a small "descriptor" form whereas here they are mostly fleshed out with dialogue.
  • To my knowledge none of these lines are in the game and probably won't be for a while.

It's really awesome to see the reaction to people wanting more Panam stuff. She and the Aldecaldo clan is definitely my favorite part of the game. I always felt she was lacking in the text department and these texts would be a strong addition to mitigate that.

And to those who are eager for more Judy/Kerry/River remember that it's still early days. We still have more major patches, a load of free DLCs and a few major expansions to look forward to. A lot can happen until then!

Panam reminiscing about V......and pierogies.

Other posts- Panam wants to eat perogies with Judy. Panam can send a "jealous" text and more.- A metric assload of new Panam Palmer romance dialogue has been found in the patch files.

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