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MOD: Restoring 4 Cut Gigs

  • 19 April 2021
  • Author: Harlequin
  • Number of views: 61
MOD: Restoring 4 Cut Gigs
This interesting mod restores 4 cut gig missions in the game. They are at all various levels of playability but fascinating. Here is the run down;
  • Gig: Hothead - Playable, but is very glitchy. You need to get back to the parking lot of origin after you've completed certain tasks, has AI car chases.
  • Gig: Nasty Hangover - Playable from start to finish, has multiple outcomes.
  • Gig: Concrete Cage Trap - Very Playable from start to finish, feels complete, has multiple outcomes.
  • Gig: Desperate Measures - A little glitchy, but can be played from start to finish, despite missing NPC dialogues.
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