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Ars Technica: Clarifies Refund Reporting

  • 23 April 2021
  • Author: Harlequin
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Ars Technica: Clarifies Refund Reporting
Ars Technica updated its reporting on the revelation of refund numbers for Cyberpunk 2077. Though CD PROJEKT mentioned 30,000 refunds, it turns out this was through one specific program. Rather than costing around $1.8 million as originally calculated, it turns out refunds on the sci-fi RPG probably ended up costing in the range of $50M in 2020:
Buried in the "Other Provisions" section of the 90-page financial report, CDPR acknowledges about $51.2 million (194.5 million PLN) that the company says it "has recognized [as] provisions for returns and expected adjustments of licensing reports related to sales of Cyberpunk 2077 in its release window, in Q4 2020." Translated into plain English, that number seems to include all digital and retail refunds for the game in 2020, as well as expectations for continued refunds and lost sales projected through 2021 (thanks to F-Squared's Mike Futter for helping me parse the tortured language in the report).

Broken down, the $51.2 million in "provisions for returns" includes $10.65 million (40.4 million PLN) in refunds made through digital and physical retailers in 2020, as well as about $2.23 million (8.5 million PLN) in direct refunds made last year through CDPR's "Help me Refund" campaign (including marketing costs for that campaign).
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