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  • 27 April 2021
  • Author: Harlequin
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A little bat brought this article to my attention. However all that really the leaker on Reddit said is new content on Epic is being aimed for in June at the tune of 20-30 gigs in size. I am failing to see where as the headline suggests this content, if valid, is "cut content". Granted again, if this leak is valid that is a LOT of space being reserved for free DLC to allow you to change your hair, change the paint job on your car, add more clothing options or other little things that traditionally CDPR give away for free post release. We'll have to wait and see it seems what transpires in June;

According to the leaker, there's something called "content1" under the Versions category of Cyberpunk 2077 on the Epic Games Store, which they believe could bring back some of the content that was cut from the game. Whether this will happen or not, remains to be seen, but the leaker notes that "Epic expect this update to be available on June 10." In other words, this content isn't very far away.

The leaker also reveals that all DLC has dedicated server capacity limits that could provide rough estimates of how big the DLC is. To this end, some of the DLC has 20 GB allocated towards it, while other DLC has 30 GB reserved.

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