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Article: Choices Matter More Than You Think

  • 27 April 2021
  • Author: Harlequin
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Article: Choices Matter More Than You Think
There is an interesting post, pointed out by Delaide, on Reddit that dissects one of the mid-game missions , encounters and breaks down how your sleuthing, actions can affect the NPCs actions, conversations. Making the point there IS a fair amount of choice/consequences in the game it is simply far more subtle and not in your face. Thus because of that people who play the game with a sledge hammer, not a scalpel, miss a lot of this nuance and claim your actions, choices don't matter. There are many follow up posts of other missions people found your actions actually matter too.

Here is a snip, SPOILERS;

However, if the player wants to explore the room or performs the task of finding the laptop at the same time, he will go to the basement of the building - there he will find the scavengers during the "operation" and the laptop that he is looking for. After taking it, if the player comes back as the quest marker tells him - again, he won't learn anything more, that's a typical "generic" job.

But if the player wants to be inquisitive, he can discover the facts connecting the scavengers' operations to the ripperdoc - searching the basement will find the stairs leading to the back of the ripperdoc clinic - this is the blocked door. Ripperdoc is very surprised by the player coming in from this side and explains that he was held and forced to cooperate by the scavs. The player has two options - either he will believe the doc and nothing else will happen or he will not believe - then Ripperdoc offers a discount in exchange for the player's silence. The player has two more options - either to agree to the deal or to disagree. In the first case, we get a fairly solid% discount to trade, in the second case, the doc runs away. Again, we have two options - we can either let him get away or run after him and kill him - then we'll get a star from the police for killing an innocent person.

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