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PC Gamer: Cyberpunk 2077's music is too detached from the story

  • 29 January 2021
  • Author: Harlequin
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So now they are scraping so hard for more hate bandwagon click bait they are attacking the actual strong points of the game. Saying the music never added to any scene in the game makes me think this person didn't have speakers attached while playing. Bells of Laguna Bend anyone, just for one example? I give up, read the article, here is a snip;

At first, that might seem a little harsh. It has a huge, 150+ song soundtrack, featuring music from some incredible artists like Run The Jewels and Grimes, with plenty of original tracks composed specifically for the game. But what does Cyberpunk 2077 actually sound like? I don't mean "can you remember any of the songs on the radio," I mean the game itself. I can instantly call to mind the mwahhhh of Mass Effect, the daaadadaaada of Persona 5, the slow guitar of Red Dead Redemption 2. But after 100 hours in Night City, I still don't know its beat.

While the soundtrack is impressive, it also appears to be random. Despite the deep soundtrack to call upon, it never employs any of these songs to create cinematic moments while you ride to the crime scene with River, cruise the desert with Panam, or sit on the roof and kick off the moss with Johnny. There are very few times at all where the music is anything more than the background blare in a nightclub or the distracting hum on the radio. There's no "May I Stand Unshaken"—it's 150 tracks of elevator muzak.

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