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Juicehead Breaks Down Patch 1.1

Juicehead, one of the more rational and not hop on the hate bandwagon for cheap clicks YouTube talking heads has a wonderful breakdown of what Patch 1.1 does. Please note if after the patch on PC you are getting a lot of crashes that is due to mods. Remove your mods and the issue should resolve itself. Here is his breakdown;  
Cyberpunk Single Player News

Superdata: 80% of Cyberpunk Sales Were on PC, 10.2 Million Copies Sold in Dec

According to Superdata, just in the release month of December 2020 CP2077 sold a amazing 10.2 million copies (lower then what CDPR tweeted so be interesting to see if CDPR retorts this or not). Either case they sold a boat load of copies that covered all the expenses for the game and put a few hundred million in profit in their bank. They also report 80% of all sales were for the PC. So one...

IGN Review Crew: 1 Month Later

The IGN Review Crew takes a look back at their initial reviews and give updated thoughts on the game. In general they more or less stick to their initial scores (from 9/10 to 7/10 ranges). They do...