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GameSpot: Analysis Of How We Got Here & Where We Going?

The CP 2077 news just keeps on rolling today! GameSpot dropped a 10min or so video about the CDPR apology and where they foresee the game going. A fair analysis IMO and I more or less agree with their take. I found it, thankfully, fair and not hopping on the hate bandwagon for cheap clicks. Comment below and take a listen;  
Cyberpunk Single Player News

Forbes: Mirror Anthem’s Failures With One Change: It’s Still A Hit

Forbes has a short if not sobering article about the success of CP2077. Yes it has a very rocky launch but will the upper management take the ends justify the means approach and learn. I think that is a valid inquiry and only time will tell. But I'd suggest you would have to be living in total oblivious bubble to not learn from this mistake, but stranger things have happened as we all know...